Federated Search on AfricanLII

This guide to is to help users find related content either in the AU materials on AfricanLII.

  1. Enter search terms or a document name in the search bar, and click Search

  2. The documents that match your search are shown including the respective jurisdiction the documents belong in.

  3. Narrow the results by using the filters on the left to pinpoint what you’re looking for.

  4. Use the Sort by option to sort results by relevance or date.

Focus results with filters

Here’s an example. A search for "refugees "returns over 1840 documents.

Apply the relevant filters on the left-hand side to isolate the specific information you want.

Apply multiple filters to refine your search. Let’s look for Gazettes with the term refugees from 2023 in South Africa.

Federated search makes it easy to find related information from various jurisdictions and regional bodies.

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