Repealed legislation: how to find it

As you conduct your research, you will be alerted at various points that the particular piece of legislation you are viewing, has been repealed.

Alert 1: Search results

When a user searches for a resource using the search bar, the results will contain a repealed alert in red. This alert aims to minimise the application of laws that are no longer in force, by the user.

Alert 2: In- Document Alerts

A user viewing a repealed notice, will be alerted at the top of the document. This alert is accompanied with further details such as the repeal date and a link to the repealing notice.

In addition to the above alerts, you will also be able to track the life cycle of a notice by using the Related documents tab or the History tab. Here you will find information that shows that the notice has been repealed, accompanied by the linked repealing notice.

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