How to compare versions

"What changed"? How to compare previous versions of legislation with the current or amended version.

Did you know that you can compare previous versions of a piece of legislation, which aids comparative legal research!

Lets get started!

As you explore a piece of legislation on the platform, you may come across a "what changed" annotation on the right hand side margin of the page.

Compare versions

To compare between the amended version of a provision with its previous version:

  1. Simply click on the "what changed" function.

  2. A pop up box will appear allowing you to choose which versions you would like to compare and the option to view the changes side-by-side.


  • Please note when viewing the provision side-by-side; the left hand side is the previous version and the amended version is displayed on the right hand side.

  • Words highlighted in red on the right hand side is what was deleted on the previous version. Words highlighted in green on the left hand side, are what was added or inserted on the amended version.

  • Watch out for the "This is the latest version of this Act" notice at the top of the document. This notice means that all amendments have been applied to the document and you are viewing the latest version of the legislation.

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